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What is a prototype?

Définition d'un Prototype


A first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied.

Prototype - Étape d'un projet

Regarding My Project?

Every project should start with a prototype of the app. You app will be on the market quicker, you reduce risk and increase odds of getting funded.

Prototype Fonctionel

Functional Prototype

A functional prototype is more than a trial, it's a first and cheaper version of your project. Refine your concept and get feedback from your users ASAP.


Why do you need a functional prototype?

Build Small

Build Smaller

Building an App is expensive.
Building the wrong App is even more so.

Go Live Sooner

Go Live Sooner

Can you wait 3 months?.
Probably not, go live within weeks.

Focus on core functionalities


A prototype focusses on the 20% most used features.


Everything you need to start your iPhone / iPad project.


Get consulting advice from an Expert on your journey to build your App.


Don't re-invent the wheel. Get help leveraging powerfull existing solutions and save money.


Iterate over multiple versions of your product and experiment with your customers needs.


Get advice to analyse your needs.


Quickly raise money by demonstrating a full functional prototype of your project.


Go faster with our rapid development techniques.


Past and future.

  • 2001-2010

    Freelance web developer

    I developed several websites and specific applications for companies like SFR, National Council of French Architectes ( and NetPME.,, ...

  • 2010-2011

    Serious Game Development

    Having a growing interest for educational games, I developed several web-based serious games, some related to diabetic disorders.
    Gluciweb, Bébévallée, ...

  • TPE/PME, pilotez votre projet informatique - Edition Dunod

    Février 2011

    TPE/PME, Pilotez votre Projet Informatique

    Author of a book to help small and medium size businesses to manage their website or iPhone App's project.
    Available on Amazon

  • Comcast Silicon Valley Logo


    Incubating Apps at Comcast Silicon Valley

    Lead Developer inside of Pocketship, a team of five rockstars engineers and designers in charge of fast prototyping severals apps for CSV.
    BirthdayGram, CardSharing, ...

  • Yerdle Logo


    Head of Mobile @ Yerdle

    Restructure iPhone Development and led mobile @ Yerdle.

  • Wired Beauty Logo


    Chief Software Officier @ Wired Beauty

    Development of software solution linked to connected objects in the field of beauty.
    Wired Beauty

  • Newmanity Logo


    Chief Technology Officier @ Newmanity / Place

    Development and supervision of a 100% self hosted chat for businesses on iOS, Android and Web


Freelance developer since 2000, geek since 1979.

Hugues Bernet-Rollande

Hugues Bernet-Rollande

iPhone Developer

More than 15 years in development, 4 of them in Silicon Valley. I love with Apple's product since 9 years old. I've build several apps along the backend to support them. Fluent in french and english, I also speak Swift, Objective-C, Docker, Ruby, RnR, SQL and some Javascript, ...

Online profiles Linkedin, Talent.IO, Hopwork.

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